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Loaded of a +10 years intensive activity in autocross, including two German tittles and one European tittle, Rene Mandel - F&S founder /Team Manager- also went through rally sport, where we gleaned the 3rd place for German championship, in Rally2 (R5) category. Also high climb racing, RallyRaid and TCR cars are accomplished experiences. So is F&S Chassis founded on these bases.

From A to Z, we can produce every tubular chassis cars.

We are actively producing Buggy chassis for autocross, according to the newest FIA Standards, as well as repairing them when necessary. We supply polyester body car, electric loom, exhaust, arms, transmission... And can deliver any other parts. Engines can be rebuilt, tunned but also bought complete to our engine department.

Otherwise, let yourself enjoy our rental service...

As we can offer many variations of services, feel free to contact us to get more precisions about your personal request.