FIA Autocross European Championship '22


Mollerussa, Spain / 10th - 11th October 2022

Last event of the season, with 3 drivers. Pit performed to go into final, were a race effect avoid him of any better results than 10th position overall. Rudy scored the best laptime overall in the time practices, he finished on the 6th position. Andrei won all the qualifying heats, and one more time finished on the 3rd position overall.

Pit finished 11th to the overall classification for the championship in JuniorBuggy, and Andrei gleaned the 5th place of the Buggy1600 championship.

Maggiora, Italy / 24th - 25th September 2022

Rainy week-end again, and seems like Pit and Andrei start to get used to it. Pit, after joyful qualifyings, performed the 5th place in finale and overall. Andrei was strong all the week-end, was qualified into the finale and could again, step on the 3rd place of the podium! Lots of points scored for both.

Saint-Igny-de-Vers, France / 17th - 18th September 2022

Pit reached the finale, and finished 7th overall. Andrei stopped at the semi-Finals.

Prerov, Czech Republic / 20th - 21th August 2022

Rainy week-end for the last Czech round. Andrei and Pit had a team mate in Buggy1600, Janez Zgonec #181, from Slovenia. While Pit experienced hard rain on the scary Prerov racetrack, he passed close to qualify into finale, and had to step back on the 11th place overall. Janez, after 8 years motorsport unactive, had to manage feelings again and stopped after qualifyings. Andrei was confident all the week-end, and resulted to the 6th position in finale and overall.

Toldijk, Netherlands / 30th - 31th July 2022

Home race for the team, with only about twenty kilometers to drive! 4 drivers were under our structure, including for Buggy1600 : Andrei Maxian #109, Moldova | Oliver Maier #159, Germany | Rudy van Buren #149, Netherlands and Pit Venanzi #221, Luxembourg, for Junior Buggy. Pit met some difficulties to handle the non-permanent track, and luck didn't play with him to get into finale. He performed during all the qualifyings. Oliver #159, could explore european championship for the first time of his carreer, and went easily through until semi-finales. Rudy #149, team resident during his free time, endured technical issues and stopped before semi-finales. Andrei was luckier and had more facilities, which allowed him to go to finale, and step on the podium with the 3rd position overall! Successfull week-end...

Saint-Georges de Montaigu, France / 23th - 24th July 2022

With an extreme warm weather, first french round of the championship. Pit got qualifyied into finale, and finished on 8th position.  Andrei did a super job also, and gleaned P8 in finale as well.

Nova Paka, Czech Republic /  2nd - 3rd July 2022

The one and only Nova Paka, always reserve some surprises. Pit had to discover for the first time of his lifetime this so special racetrack, and did well all along the qualifying. Andrei had less luck, and faced some technical issues that forced him to give up during qualifying.

Cunewalde-Matschenberg, Germany / 26th - 27th June 2022

Third race of the European Championship, and time for Pit Venanzi to step into it, he will be qualified in finale and finished 9th overall.Andrei was into a good flow all along, but had some difficulties to reach the finale.

Vilkyciai, Lithuania / 11th - 12th June 2022

Only a week after Bauska, Andrei found back the Lithuanian track. After having good results in the heats, he will finish 7th overall in finale.

Bauska, Latvia / 4th - 5th June 2022

After more than 24hours travel by road, we found place for the first race on European championship with Andrei...