FIA Autocross European Championship

Mollerussa, Spain / 9th - 10th October 2021

Under the wonderfull spanish weather, Daniele succeed brillantely! He drove very regular all along the meeting and could even get qualified in final, he gleaned there the 6th place overall, in the category Buggy1600. Season ended as good as it was during the complete championship!

Maggiora, Italy / 25th - 26th September 2021

Home race for Daniele! Mathias Freuis #141  from Austria, drove his first race ever in European championship and was Daniele's team mate at F&S CHassis.


Saint-Igny-de-Vers, France / 18th - 19th September 2021

First time in Saint-Igny for Daniele, with rainy week-end.


Nová Paka, Czech Republic / 4th - 5th September 2021

On the mythical autocross race track, Rudy Van Buren #135 from Netherlands, took place in the second rental Buggy1600 beside of Daniele.

Daniele reached the semi-final and Rudy got into the final and finished 9th overall!


Prerov, Czech Republic / 21th - 22th August 2021

Big jump over there, Daniele managed it so well and got qualified for the first time in semi-final in European championship... 


Saint-Georges de Montaigu, France / 17th - 18th July 2021

First race of the European championship for Daniele Caronelli #182, from Italy. First time in Saint-Georges



Porici, Czech Republic

Our first time on the race track of Porici on the week-end of the 14th - 15th August, for a race in FIA Autocross central european championship and Czech Autocross national championship.

We had three F&S Chassis' cars engaged, with Harald Kratzer #182, Mathias Freuis #131 from Austria and Jens Kras #144 from Germany.

It has been a really nice week-end for everyone!


AX Latina, Italy

First race of the season in italian championship, on the 13th June 2021. Daniele Caronelli raced with the rental Buggy1600 and Mathias Freuis with the F&S Chassis official driver Buggy1600. Mathias won the race and Daniele finished 5th! Successful season begining.



Steinbourg, France / 19th - 20th June